Handwoven Waffle Towel

An ode to slower living, this bath towel is created entirely by hand. Artisans use traditional weaving, dyeing and looming techniques to create each piece and this process results in a fabric that is soft, very lightweight and beautifully textured. The unique waffle weave makes it very absorbent, and also allows it to dry faster.

Much thinner than standard terry towels, it takes up much less room, whether in a suitcase, washing machine or linen closet. Beautifully finished with a minimal red detail near the fringes.

– Vatsala Murthy

Designed by Runaway Bicycle

Born in 2014 in a one-bedroom Mumbai apartment, Runaway Bicycle was founded to create access to clothes that felt comfortable before looking good. Now at home in a modest yet elegant studio, the brand focuses on giving expression to goodness in every sense of the word. A lack of experience in fashion and lifestyle is offset by a knowledge of traditional weaving techniques and a passion to incorporate comfort and beauty into everyday life.